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Welcome to LM.Earl Enterprises
     Lindy is your one-day a week, in-house Consultant!  When you’re looking for a combination of experience and education, you need LM.Earl Enterprises.  We are your Adjunct Executive, offering HR, Marketing, and Communication Services to all your employees. 
      Have you ever wanted to Clone Yourself? That's what Lindy allows.  She takes on projects, allowing you to get back to the work you love.
      After having Lindy in on a regular basis, you will see an improved Corporate Culture, enhanced Communication, and reduced Attrition rate. 
      Yes, you CAN HAVE  an in-house source for all your queries.  We coach every level so employees grow with the company and loyalty is created.  
     We continue to offer the best in seminars, training, social media, and coaching. Established in 1999, LM.Earl Enterprises is located in Marietta, GA. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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